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  • ModuloLED EP a new lighting technology. Visite www.moduloled.com and download the technical brochure.
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Recent achievements LEDTOLITE

  • Lighting design:Nicolas Martin-JohnerInternational Architect : Mohamed Boukherrouba Architect :Véronique Clavaud-Bensoussan Project leaders :Marie Méon, Matthieu Redois Photo : Gilles Plagnol


LEDTOLIGHT is a technology based company founded in 2001 by two lighting engineers with many years of combined experience in architectural, decorative, and stage lighting. These two engineers understood that combining the latest electronics and computer science technology with the next generation of high brightness LEDs would deeply change the entire lighting industry.

Through understanding the core knowledge and requirements of LED technology, LEDTOLIGHT’s passionate and skilled team of engineers and technicians are able to provide customers with the highest quality advanced LED products available.

LEDTOLIGHT also develops innovative LED fixtures and control systems to fit the specific needs of custom projects.

All technicians understand how important it is to have technical support when installing a product. This is one reason LEDTOLIGHT provides thorough help to customers at every level of each project, from the technical design through completion, ensuring the installation will be reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

These are some of the reasons why our company has developed quickly in a global market. LEDTOLIGHT’s growth is also fuelled by using successfully completed projects as references, helping old customers to return and new customers to choose us as an adviser and supplier.

In addition to its technical expertise, LEDTOLIGHT is especially proud to produce environmentally friendly LED fixtures with low power consumption, a very long lifetime, and recyclable components, dedicated to keeping our future clean and beautiful.